We supply and build high quality garage doors, for a better and safe life

A specialized company for more than 15 years in the UAE. Supply, installation and maintenance of automatic garage doors. Imports products from the major origin and brands around the world with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Automatic garage door wood color

How is the type

electric sliding gate opener
electric sliding gate opener
over head garage door
shutter roll
electric swing gate opener
electric swing gate opener
electric swing gate opener
electric swing gate opener

What makes our service special

science Science meets design

AI-centric approach .We offer solutions through our application on smart phone , with artificial intelligence algorithm .

magic_button Wide range of products

Unique features, colors, safty, luxury accessories, etc. door system offers a solution for every installation situation.

add_reaction Consumer well-being

Proper, sustainable, with durable, punctuality, accurate and fast maintenance, wide range of warranties services

credit_card Easy paymnet

Payment can be made by cash, check or card through the app or website

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casit sliding

Sliding Motor

  • weight 500-1000 KG
  • speed Power control
  • sunny Thermic protection
  • power_settings_new Motor 230vac
casit swing

Swing Motor

  • weight leaf 3-4 m
  • timelapse Long life lubrication
  • tune Inserted limit switch
  • power_settings_new Motor 230vac
casit over head

Garage motor

  • weight 800-1200 N
  • detector Up to 8 sqm door
  • settings_backup_restoreModel reversible
  • power_settings_new Motor 24vdc
casit barrier

Parking Barrier

  • trail_length Boom 4-6 m
  • detector Loop detector
  • crop_portrait Stainless steel
  • precision_manufacturing Arm right or left
  • power_settings_new Motor 230ac, 24dc


All Machines

  • warehouse Made in Italy.
  • electrical_services Power supply 230V AC
  • key Safety locking

ABS material

  • safety_check Impact resistance.
  • device_thermostat Excellent temperature performance.
  • power_off Great electrical insulation properties.